Military vehicles

These are the military vehicles we currently have available to hire.  We run tank rides at a few shows throughout the country in the spring and summer months, there is still some availability to attend some more.

You can also hire our vehicles for birthday parties, corporate events, as transport to your wedding or prom (within a 20 mile radius of Stamford) or for tv, promotional videos or films.


T55 Medium Battle Tank

This ex-Slovakian army reserve tank was built in 1977, it weighs 39 tonnes and goes up to 30mph. The main gun is live, just firing blanks though and has a working smoke screen system.

FV432 Troop Carrier

Used by British Army until mid 2000's it weighs 13.5 tonnes and top speed is 32mph. Designed to carry 10 soilders and 2 crew, armed with smoke grenade launchers and externally mounted machine gun.

433 Abott SPG

Built in late sixty's, approx only 200 built for British Army. Designed as a Self Propelled Gun with 105mm gun, maximum range approx 11 miles. Crew of 4 combat weight 18 tonne, maximum speed 30mph.

M2A1 Halftrack

Built in 1941, built by White in USA and in World War 2. Can be armed with a 50 cal machine gun, 2 x 30 cal machine guns with blank firing. Weighs 8.2 tonne, maximum speed 40mph and is fully road legal.


433 Abott SPG

As above but this has a live gun, available for firing blanks.


FV433 Abbott tank
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